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    God is doing a new thing across this earth just as His scriptures declare.God is doing a new thing across this earth just as His scriptures declare. We are very excited to be a part of this beautiful experience and invite you to join in! We will be building the number one platform & safe haven for the Body of Christ to connect and unite, starting in SA.
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    Join hands in praying for South Africa. Join hands in praying for South Africa. For more information and to join see www.globalvoiceofprayer.com | https://www.facebook.com/globalvoiceofprayer
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    What is a body without its parts working together in unity?What is a body without its parts working together in unity?Our passion is to unite the Body of Christ. Right now we are focused on helping Jesus fulfil His prayer in John 17. Will you help us by joining us? Get connected by contacting us on our Contact page or connecting with us on Social Media (links on Contact page).
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    From the blog >> Of His Voice

    A vision/word received about the future of South Africa:

    Here is what I saw:

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    Let's unite in ONE ACCORD | John 17:22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one Let's unite in ONE ACCORD | John 17:22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one 23 I in them and you in me so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. | Currently on hold till further notice
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God Loves YOU


John 3:16 ~ For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

About The Big Story SA

In 2008 I received a vision to connect the body of Christ, starting in South Africa. Little did I know it was God's mission for me. I thought it would only be a positive South African site.

But He had much greater plans. Thus it took 4 years for it to blossom. It was finally launched on the 27th of July 2012. It is called the Big Story SA...


Gateway News

25 years ago I was an arrogant young South African newspaper journalist who thought Christianity was for weak people who needed a crutch to help them face the challenges of life. My wife, Val had become a Christian a few years previously while we were living in Zimbabwe where I was posted for two years. I magnanimously (or at least, so I thought) tolerated her delusion but made it clear that it was not for me. But during a season in which I was working at night as a sub-editor in Port Elizabeth I used to stop at various drinking holes late at night and got into a lifestyle that even I could see was self destructive and incompatible with my role as a husband and father of two dear little girls. So one day I decided to take the advice of an acquaintance, given to me at a braai about a year previously: "You should read the Gospel of John". I read it and knew immediately in my heart that this was truth. Val had been praying for the years and the Holy Spirit was wooing me. As a step of faith I left my newspaper job about a year later to get out of night work and to share more of my life with my family. In the years that followed I worked in various freelance media fields.

Fast forward to June 2010 by which time I was a partner in a small real estate business in PE. I started a blog in which I posted testimonies about amazing things that God was doing in various people’s lives. It was good to be writing again after a break of quite a few years. Man, I thought, it was especially good to be writing Good News instead of all the bad news I used to write in my old newspaper days!

Gateway News

By the end of 2010 I knew in my heart that the Lord was calling me into full-time Christian writing. I shared this with Val and early in 2011 we asked elders in our church to help us test the call. Within days of getting a go-ahead from the elders I had a coffee meeting with Trevor Jennings, a friend and coordinator of Transformation Christian Network, a ministry that links leaders in Nelson Mandela Bay with the objective of transforming the city. By the end of our coffee chat, we decided to startGateway News.

And so, in February 2011, by faith, we launched Gateway News with the objective of reporting Eastern Cape Christian news. Very soon we realized that God had a bigger vision for us and we adopted a national focus. The Lord continued to stretch us and today our vision is to reach every Christian in South Africa with quality, local, national and international Christian news and news from a Christian perspective.

In Matthew 9:36 (NLT), we read: ”When He (that is Jesus) saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." I sense that Jesus looks with compassion at Christians in South Africa today whose opinions are being shaped by media sources that inspire fear rather than faith, and which call right wrong and wrong right. We are trusting God to grow and use Gateway News to inform, encourage and activate Christians: to help them to live out a biblical world-view.

Gateway News

God has been faithful in bringing us stories of amazing things that He is doing in our nation. We have been privileged to report on inspiring news that no secular news provider would publish. In our first year we had the joy of seeing some “activation” happening on a grander scale than we could have anticipated, when we were used as a catalyst in staging a mass prayer day at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. Another goosebumps moment was when we were given the chance to say a few words to the men at the 2012 Karoo Mighty Men Conference, and 1 000 men subscribed to our newsletter there-and-then via sms. We have been blessed by talented Christian writers from various parts of the country who are making a valuable contribution as columnists. And yet, we are also aware that we are still only scratching the surface of the Kingdom stories and perspectives that need to be shared with our people. We are aware that we are totally dependent upon the Lord to reach the readers, recruit the writers, and raise the resources and partners needed to realize the task before us.

And so we hold on to words like “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” ~ (Zech 4:10 -- NLT).

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Ani Nikhna

Surrender can be perceived as an admission of defeat by a lot of people. A resignation sort of which may or may not be true for some folks on some occasions. But to the Christian surrendering to Christ means handing over the reins of one's life to Christ. Taking a back seat as it were and letting God's will prevail.

'And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?' ~Rom 10:15

Now many people have different ways of communicating with Christ for example in song, and in dance. Where words fail, pictures and actions may work best. But this is the story of Ingrid and Talitha a mother and daughter who shared their love for God and ministered through their passion for Art, painting and sketching to be exact. A story about the love between parent and child but perhaps more about a bond that would survive even long after the passing of Ingrid.

'but the spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit' ~Rom 8:26-27

The video called ' I surrender' by Jesus Culture inspired the creation of the variety of paintings and sketches called ANI NIKHNA which is Hebrew for I surrender. The art reflects on the emotional impact of their faith, their turmoil, their relief, their joy and their pain. Ingrid, the mother focuses on colour impressions. There's a cleverness in the way she gets the colour to tell a story, a burst of colour here, like in 'Grace' to signify a hope and reassurance that by His Grace morning shall surely come, there will be a tomorrow and a timidity of colour there to highlight a sombre moment.

‘nevertheless I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security' ~Jeremiah 33:6

Although the art was birthed out of pain and hardships, they signify to perhaps most who view them the promise of a better tomorrow. That no matter what everything will work out. The art can be interpreted differently in different situations that which inspires hope may evoke joy also. There is a great sincerity in the art which will help everyone identify and will perhaps inspire us into ani nikhna.

The latest commission is called 'A Prayer for Hollywood'. More to be revealed soon.

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Aura Productions

Having not been born into the Christian faith, I was persuaded by my mother to attend a Sunday service………. Little did I know what I had been missing and well the rest they say is MAGICAL!!!

It is 3 years now that I am following in faith of our saviour Jesus Christ. Through my faith in HIM and The Almighty Lord, I have matured and accomplished much….especially my friendship with one very special lady and her mother.

At some point in our lives we seek change, change in our appearances, change in our location any form of change. I needed change so much that I had made the drastic decision of quitting my job and moving up to Johannesburg from Durban….all for change. Yes, I admit it; I went through some very tough and trying times with no job. I had no one, no friends; no family… all I had was my faith in HIM. I prayed every night for Him to give me signs that it was going to get better, give me answers. I asked myself every day “Did I make the wrong decision???”

'Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you that that the testing of your faith produces perseverance... ' ~James1:2-3

It turned out that I hadn’t made a drastic decision after all. Why you ask??? Because had I stayed in Durban, I wouldn’t have “SEEN” HIM…Our saviour Christ, and HE would not have led me to a very special person in my life Talitha Rabie.

Going back to where I “SAW” HIM…..yes I did. I was at wits end that day, not knowing where or who to turn to next for help. On my knees at the foot of my bed facing a white wall, all out of tears, HE appeared. Dressed in a Royal blue robe, HE just looked at me. It was overwhelming. I really wish I could explain that feeling, but I can’t because there are just NO WORDS to describe his presence. I felt his presence so strongly I could not even utter a word. His purpose of presenting himself to me was to remind me of how strong faith I have in him, that I am not alone and that His Love can overcome anything.

“Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.” ~1 CORINTHIANS 16:13-14

Aura PR

It was through HIM I received his opportunity for me to start my own company called AURA PR, a PR and Marketing firm. It was through Aura that I had the pleasure of connecting, with now an extremely good friend of mine Talitha Rabie. We connected over the social media platform Twitter. Who knew after all these years our friendship would grow so strong. I also had the pleasure of meeting Talitha’s mother Ingrid. It was an honour meeting such a wise and honourable woman such as Ingrid. A warm woman she was, filled with an infinite amount of love. Having only heard about me, the day I arrived in Cape Town….Talitha’s family just ushered me in their home. Never in my life have I met such a blessed family.

I can truthfully say that if it wasn’t for our Saviour Jesus Christ and my dear friend Talitha, I would not have made it through my darkest hours. So I have faith in you my friend and sister Talitha, that Big Story SA will be successful wherever you take it and however high you fly it.

So in conclusion I dedicate my scripture 1 CORINTHIANS 16 to you Talitha, because when you read 1 CORINTHIANS 16:9 where Jesus says ‘because a great door for effective work has opened to me…’, and also 1 CORINTHIANS 16:10 ‘for he is carrying on the work of the Lord, just as I am…”. It is you that has been blessed with carrying on the work of the Lord just as our saviour Jesus Christ had, is still doing and forever will.

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Lig Youth

LIG is an acronym for “Life in God – Lewe in God”. Eight years ago the Holy Spirit pointed out to us the desperate need of the young people of Kleinmond and surrounding areas, for the Father’s love. He promptly backed it up with scripture – Eph 4:18-19.

With no real clue what to do, yet armed with God-breathed passion for the young people and the knowledge that it was His will, we started out on this exiting journey, where we as the founders and leaders of LiG, changed just as much as the young people touched with God’s love.

We started out with 15 young people, but our hearts yearned for the opportunity to share the gospel with more young people. Our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or think – and that is exactly what He did. Within a period of about a month, the numbers jumped from 15 to 150. We were gloriously in trouble – suddenly overwhelmed by the number of children as and still not sure how to serve them best.

‘…do not grieve for the joy of the Lord is your strength.' ~ Neh 8:10

God is faithful and He provided us with a strategy, volunteers and resources to make a difference in their lives. We soon realized that our involvement in the children’s lives will have to be more than preaching the gospel if we want to see the truth thought actually manifest in their lives. We had to engage them spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. This revelation was once again powerfully backed up by the Lord when our senior pastor, Dr. Allan Bagg, started teaching on whole life prosperity. So many people go unfulfilled through life, never knowing the fullness of what Jesus has accomplished on the cross.

Lig Youth

‘…You (God) have kept your promise because you are righteous…’ Neh 9:8

This revelation lead us to establish an education initiative, with the aim of rectifying sub-standard literacy and numeracy skills, provide remedial tutoring and after school care, as well as to provide bursaries to top schools for promising candidates.

Based on the credits earned through the year, a group of young leaders is selected once a year to participate in a leadership development camp. Most of the leaders produced by these camps are also incorporated in the yearly Holiday Club. The Holiday Club provides an awesome training ground and excellent personal growth opportunities to the young leaders. They reach out to approximately 400 children per day in song, dance, games and of course, the Word. This is also a powerful way in which the leaders give back to the community they come from.

We also engage with the young people through various clubs, such as Horse riding, surfing and hiking.

However, LiG’s primary point of contact with the young people remains the Friday night workshops where children from age 8 and up are presented with life skill training from bible in a variety of age appropriate ways, which includes time for healthy socialization. This time is essential to establish and affirm relationships of trust with the young people, without which our ministry would be much more difficult. A lot of the change taking place in the lives of the young people is a result of patient one-on-one mentoring. The aim of the variety of activities is to attract as many children as possible through meeting them at their point on interest, which, if prayerfully and wisely managed, will give Jesus access to their point of need.

Lig Youth Holiday Club 2012

At this point LiG needs vehicles that are efficient and of suitable size to facilitate reaching out the young people in the many ways pointed out. We are also looking at property to establish a Youth Centre to serve as base of operations and to increase our effectiveness in the lives of the young people.

Young people of integrity, economically empowered and enabled to make morally sound decisions regarding their families, their own lives, the community where they live and the natural environment


* Restoring the youth’s hope in the possibility of a successful and fulfilling future;
* Utilizing the abundant and varied skills, talents and gifts of individuals and organizations to bring about behavioral change in the youth;
* Providing the youth with knowledge, tools and skills to make morally sound decisions;
* Building integrity and character;
* Building the youth’s capacity to participate in the economic development of the community;
* Fostering wholesome parent/child relationships;
* Encouraging participation by parents in the lives of their children;
* Fostering love and respect for the environment over which they are stewards

Lig Youth


* Remedial intervention to rectify sub-standard academic performance;
* Initiating a sustainable scholarship program to provide greater opportunity for learners to develop and pursue their talents and gifts;
* Leadership development camps and events;
* Social and life skills training programs;
* Establishing a youth centre as an essential tool towards bringing about the envisaged positive behavioral change;
* Training youth mentors living in the community to assist the youth in dealing with life’s issues;
* Training youth leaders in a variety of outdoor activities to encourage and enable the young people to participate in wholesome extra mural activities;
* Providing specialized sports development opportunities;
* Introducing the youth to the concept of serving in the community;
* Promoting in the youth a love for the environment we live in by involving them in projects protecting and enhancing our environment

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A promise

'For the people will dwell in Zion at Jerusalem; you will weep no more, for Yahweh will be gracious to you; He will hear the voice of your cry and answer you.' Isaiah 30:19

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