The Uprising

I have had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home; my parents were and always have been very supportive of me and my vision. In 2002 I gave my life to the Lord, and although I had grown up in children church, I for the first time understood fully what my decision involved..

'you are the light of the world'

High school was an interesting time for me as I began to flourish at sport and was selected for both the provincial team and the 1st team at my school, St. Stithians Boys’ College. With the sport and recognition I began to enjoy the social scene and all that comes with top level sport. In 2009 I realized that what I had dreamt my life was going to be and what God had planned for me were two very different things. I de-registered from my degree, and began to pursue a life in ministry. I enrolled to study theology, and the rest as they say is history.

'a city on a hill cannot be hidden.Neither can people light a lamp and put it under a bowl'

The Uprising

The Uprising came about in 2011. However I had had the concept placed on my heart as early as 2009. My first year out of school I felt that God was saying that Jo-Burg, the city built on materialism, and on the pursuit of personal gain, had influenced the churches of Jo-Burg. Where ever I looked it felt that there were many churches, but that they were more concerned with building their own individual empires. Where as God was calling the church, all of it, to be building His Kingdom, not focusing on individual empires and recognition.

As a result a group of youth pastors that I had been working with came together and decided to form The Uprising. Our intention is to build a movement behind which all of Jo-Burg’s youth can unite behind. We envision that we will become a worldwide youth movement. Whereby we ignite this generation to become a generation of change.

'instead they put it on its stand so that it may give light to everyone in the house'

We are a stand alone organization, uninfluenced by individual churches. And that is what sets us apart, at any event we focus on creating excitement and showcasing the youth of Jo-Burg, but with the ultimate goal of guiding the flock into youth groups within their area.

'in the same way let your light shine before men' Matt 5:14-16

We are a movement of many youth groups, individually run, and with their own way of doing things, but we are united behind one banner, the banner of Jesus Christ, and the desire to bring about a revolution among this generation, one that will change this city, and the world for Him.

'that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.'

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The Uprising

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