The X-Structure

Deep in the heart of the electronic beats of Cape Town emerged a band who call themselves the X-Structure. Here is their story in unique story-telling form. Enjoy.

Nightowl sat perched on the rocky outcrop of the high peak he had just scaled. Catching his breath he studied the view. He sat in awe staring at the giant structures jetting out from the ground. Their presence putting his being into perspective. The sky was a perfect blue. He was somewhere in the wild mountains of the Cape. It had been a tough hike to the top but he made it in the end.

As the sun lazily began dropping to the horizon nightowl sat contemplating his life and the events that had brought him to this point. Life had not always been pleasant or easy for him, he recalled. Throughout his early years he had struggled with himself and the acceptance of who he was. There came a stage where he could not bear it any longer. That's when he changed. Not by his own strength or will did this happen. It was something else. Something he had discarded many years before. Something he had never really understood. In his darkest hour he had cried out for help to someone, to someone greater than him, to someone he had left for dead. Then it happened. In the dead of night he was saved from his inner turmoil. Saved by one who he would come to know as his greatest friend and companion. Their adventures together would go on far beyond what he had ever understood to be. So who was this mystery saviour? This ultimate friend? It was in fact, as you might have guessed by now, his creator. The One who had given nightowl the gift of life.

The X-Structure

The sun had by now left for the day. Nightowl shifted his position on the rock. He now lay flat on his back using his backpack as a cushion. The stars were there as they always were. Another sign from his constant companion. He searched the sky for his favourite star. There it was. He found it. The Dog Star, Canis Major, was shining brightly from its corner in space, Orion's belt always close by. The Southern Cross was not visible yet so he'd have to wait till his favoured constellation came into view. Nightowl was grateful for life and the ability to perceive it. He was grateful for the life he had been given and the understanding he now had of it. After the dark times he went through he really understood the good times, illuminated by the light he now saw. He still faced bad things and would most definitely still face many more, but he had now learned a deeper truth to it all and would take on those problems for he knew he would overcome them. By midnight the Southern Cross was faithfully pointing the way south. South to where home was. nightowl smiled and said goodnight.

At five the sun started rising over the eastern mountains. Nightowl was awake, the kettle already boiling. He sipped on the steaming coffee, greeting the morning air and the One who had made it. He felt rested and excited for the future, for he knew not what might happen but he knew that whatever happened would be for the good. His hike down was easy for he had the strength to do it and in that to do so much more. It all depended on him if he would use it. He had made his choice and would follow it wherever the Spirit of adventure led him.

'He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.' Micah 6:8

The inspiration behind the name:

Somewhere, out there, in the infinite reaches of space, an epic cosmic formation can be found. Formed by a system of vast greatness and profound intent, this formation is known as the 'X' structure. Etched out in a great plane of dark blue light, it resembles the image of an X that has been marked off on the proverbial map of the universe.

Now back on a peculiar planet, called planet Earth, a certain adventurous band can be found. They ventures forth, and in and around, a dimension known as the dimension of sound. They are known as The X-Structure.

By now you might be thinking what these two distant entities have in common? And the answer would be simple for they have both been created and chosen by grace, to be a part of this creation and the grand story of life.

The theme of The X-Structure's music is always that of hope and of a greater purpose. Seeing that the music does not contain lyrics it is more of ambient background music that allows a person relax and allow the Holy Spirit to move them through the music. The intention is always for people to move closer to God and to get to know Him more, and indirectly themselves more. A lot of irreligious people listen to The X-Structure and I therefore do not always try to overtly preach the Gospel but rather to do it indirectly through the general revelation of God, such nature and human existence and experience, and then slowly bring in the message of the Gospel through song names and interaction with listeners via social media and the internet. Each album also has a specific theme which contains a story or message that accompanies the albums and delves further into the Gospel and the heart of God.

You can follow their latest project, Soultrek here.

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The X-Structure

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