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Boichoko; God is love

Psalm108 vs1, "My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul...

Born in a family of 3 girls, 2 being twins and her being 1 of a pair, Boichoko grew up being a very shy girl. Although she was shy, she was very playful, smart and also took on her shyness head on when she decided to enter pageants as a model, to the extent of which she was a semi finalist in the Mrs South Africa 2013. Boichoko is also an Afro-Soul artist who sings from her heart and soul touching on different aspects of our lives.

Boichoko was born in Bloemfontein and attended school in Kroonstad when her parents went their separate ways. She can hardly remember a time when their family was together in the same place due to this separation of her parents. The children had to take turns to visit each other because the twins were staying with the mother in Kroonstad whilst the first born Cholofelo stayed with the father in Bloemfontein. This set up left a huge void in Boichoko's life as she longed to have homes like her cousins' where the parents were together with their children. After matriculating she then went back to her home town to further her studies at the University of Free State. By the end of her final year at varsity she had already moved to Johannesburg to pursue a career in music.

vs6 “Save us and help us with your right hand that those you love may be delivered...

But it was in 2002 whilst she was doing her Matric that she got saved. Before that she had gone through the motions of attending service mainly because church attendance was compulsory in her granny's house. It wasn't until a friend asked if she was saved or not that she really got to thinking about the Lord and her life and realised that she wanted to surrender her life into God's hands. When she did, she recalls feeling like parts of her life's puzzle were falling into place. She had found the missing parts, parts of love, forgiveness and letting go of the hurt. She let God and became a better person for it.


vs13 “with God we will gain victory and He will trample down our enemies."

To date, Boichoko has been blessed with a loving husband who supports and respects her in every way. Just like the kind of love and respect she has for her mother for not giving up on her children and yet choosing to walk away from an unhappy and abusive marriage. When she looks back and remembers the frustration back then when she was young and her mom, who was also young at the time, was not coping well on her own, she is astounded at just how closer it brought them together. She hopes to do things differently by learning from past experiences and hurts and by taking all the positive lessons that she learns along the way. Her childhood has taught her to value family and she vows to do everything in her power and God's grace to have a healthy relationship with her loved ones.

“I’ve healed from the hurt and loneliness that came during those years, everyday is a blessing because God is love," Boichoko declares. She finds a great amount of peace and solace in worshiping. Worship has also become her hiding place from darkness and negativity. She aspires to be used by God and He has indeed blessed her with the gift of music.

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