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Agape Love

We are living in a world where not a lot of things are as private as they ought to be. Love letters, banking details, National secrets, I mean not even private parts are private any longer. Hackers and selfies pretty much took care of that. Judge not that you be judged as a Christian. When you begin to assume or claim to know about another person's walk in Christ then you are sourly mistaken. If you go a little further to judge another then you have completely lost your plot.

- God is love -

For everybody who believes in God , there is a place where they connect with the Creator. Take a dancer for instance. The beauty in dance , the joy and happiness they feel when dancing may be their place of contact with God. They would eat right, exercise and practise their routines. In doing this they may get the understanding of how everything they do is to nurture and grow their gift. Pretty much like how God conditions us by stretching our patience here, bending a knee there and tightening our resolve so that we may learn to be strong and firm in our Faith. Dancing becomes how they pray, praising Him in and with movement. Dancing becomes how they minister to others.

Same applies to a person who appreciates the environment. The trees, flora and fauna. The appreciation of it all is maybe how God speaks to them. This is where they appreciate His works more. Their understanding of how trees produce Oxygen, something that is vital for man's existence, from Carbon dioxide, something that our body emits, could be the basis of their understanding of God's divine Love. How God can take something that is bad and change it for the better. And so it is then not unnatural that the environmentalist will venture into nature to connect with God. Then there are those that are inquisitive. That one that is constantly after answers, forever asking questions. Their place of contact is in knowledge. God is not afraid to empower through knowledge. That is why others are used by God through the knowledge to eg heal the sick or teach others. It is imperative that the teachers, pastors recognise and nurture this trait instead of being afraid and impatient with them. It is easy to lose patience with a person who is constantly asking 'why'. Then again we might lose patience because of the fear. A fear that the person is unbelieving and so they are well on their way to hell.

If God is love who are you to judge others and deprive them of the love you know you ought to be showing. I believe everyone has that contact point, at which point their spirit is ministered to by God but ultimately God is in the love . The love we have for humanity. Whilst one might grow up in a loving home, they might lack the love of a spouse. Although the other has the love of a spouse they may have grown up in a home devoid of love.  In both cases there is a love deficit. Either way all of us are bound by a common love void. A love only God could provide.  A love that we have been shown before, when Jesus died on the cross for all of us. Agape. That same love that gives us all something in common. This something in common is what makes us 'family'.  And if we are all family why should we not all philia love another. If love is the common place of connection for all of us, love becomes the fast connection to God. Love becomes that place where we see His greatness, His mercy, His workmanship, a place where we tap into that uncapped Agape. Love becomes an open wifi that we can all access, freely. Love also becomes the place where we rest. A place of strength derival.

~ By Abigail ~

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Agape Love