It's Time

A day we will not forget.

On April 22nd 2017 a miracle ocurred in South Africa. A day we will not forget. The ground was prepared with many tears of intercession. Angus Buchan called the people in obedience. The people showed up to repent. God heard and showed up. A truly magnificent day in Bloemfontein! We would like to keep the flame burning by sharing all the prophetic words and testimonies in one place so the body of Christ can stay united and can keep their hopes up and continue praying and sharing and talking about the goodness of Yahweh! Please feel free to share with others via social media links below and if you have any testimonies please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We'd love to hear from you!

It's Time | Angus Buchan

See various prophetic words about South Africa as well as testimonies from this gathering below:


The results of prayer

Since 1 million Christians prayed together on 22nd April...and counting...

  1. Treasury blocks 4bn Gupta Deals
  2. Brian Molefe's R30 million rand payout was set aside
  3. The nuclear deal which would have bankrupted SA has been declared unlawful and unconstitutional
  4. Angus Buchan challenged our parliament to open with scripture and prayer and it happened during the week after It's Time happened!

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Word downloaded from Heaven, and received between 2am - 5am, 22 April 2017....!! "This morning I saw the most incredible vision of what I can only explain in my limited human capacity, as an atomic explosion. With a huge firey mushroom cloud ball of fire, and as that mushroom cloud lifted, I saw shock waves that were white, moving from that explosion outward and it was coming towards me.....This was this morning which eould be the 21st April......"

Then at about 2.30am, resting in bed, now the morning of the 22nd April 2017, while I was looking at some of the pics of the HUGE place prepared for what I believe will be well over 2 million people, maybe even 3 million, all on there way too or already at the historical prayer event being held at Bloemfontein, South Africa! It was already confirmed via iticket, where people have been booking a free parking, place, that 1.7 million people have confirmed they will be there! And I was thinking to myself, but that's only those who have confirmed regarding parking. What about those who have not confirmed! And apparently they have prepared for 3 million!!!"

So as I was checking these things out getting such excitement in my spirit and praying for all those on the roads etc, God showed me the vision I had earlier again, and the He took me back into the view of this nuclear the vision continues...remember the shockwaves were coming towards me....."

"......well now the shock wave hit's me, and I then find myself in outer space, looking down onto the earth at this explosion but from a much higher vantage point!"

"As I looked I saw the shockwave of this cataclysmic event, i saw it moving from South Africa, covering Africa and continuing to move, to the rest of the world. But it was like the centre point of this explosion, kept emitting more and more shock waves, like it was being fueled by "something" that kept the shock waves going, until it covered the whole entire earth. And from where I was looking down onto the earth from outer space, the shock waves were white....."

"I asked God what is it that this means. And I sensed Him saying that His heart has been moved SO much by the deep hunger of His children in South Africa, who are all coming together to pray and call out to Him....."

"Then as I write this, I now see a VERY old man, all in white, long beard very deep crevices/wrinkles all over His face, with tears of joy flowing down His face, and God said it is I, The Ancient of Days! But I see this huge smile and even all His "wrinkles" smile with His mouth! And out of His mouth comes the WHITEST and BRIGHTEST light that I have ever seen. In fact I have seen nothing like it...."

"But its like this picture lierally just flashes in my spiritual eyes....cause the light is actually blinding me, and I hear the words whispered, in my spirit saying, "you cannot look into the face of God and live...!" And I suddenly realised that God was protecting me, cause must still live. And I actually breathed a sigh of relief, thinking, "shew, that was close...!"

"I rub my eyes cause I am now blinded, and once again I continue to see these bright white shockwaves from outer space, cover the ENTIRE globe. That the view I now see from outer space, is the earth, but I can't make out where the continents are or islands or even the sea. It's one HUGE bright, white ball, hanging in outer space! If I must try compare it to something, it would be like the brightest, biggest moon glowing as if it was like a bright white, with the backdrop of the darkest night."

"But I don't see any stars in the sky, which one would normally see on a very dark night. The stars usually shine brighter. But then I remember I am seeing it from outer space, so maybe you don't see it quite like I expected...."

"And then I ask God, ok so what does this mean? He say's, that this event, has moved His heart so deeply....people coming together all in ONE ACCORD and in UNITY and there is no colour, or cultural differences, the people are coming together as ONE PEOPLE to seek the face of the Only One and Living God!"

"And as they do this, I will open my mouth to speak, and my glory will first "hit" the place where My people have gathered, and My fire will go before my face, and burn up the dross. I remember I have read something like that in Psalm 97 v 3! I quickly go find it...

"A fire goes before Him, And burns up His enemies round about."

"Then My glory will spread across South Africa, Africa, and will then continue to flow to cover the whole earth with My glory, as the waters cover the sea. But this will not just be a once off release of My glory for I will presence Myself in a VERY powerful way, amongst My people, and My glory will be a continuous flow. As My heart beats for the nations. For it will be "powered" by Myself." And I remember thinking, shew the shock waves are pulsating like a heartbeat...."

"Then I thought about the darkest night and that I never saw any stars. And God said to me, that there will be NO ONE that will stand out as "stars" in this that I AM doing. For I ALONE am the Bright Morning Star!"

"And He told me that I never saw any continents or islands, because "My people all over the glove will become one like NEVER before. And NO ONE will be able to touch them, for I will be the continious Glory in their midst...." then remember a similar scripture and quickly go find that scripture to post here...."

For I,’ says the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’” (Zechariah 2: 5)

"He continues saying, "During these times of My glory, the darkness will seem to have become darker. But this is only cause My glory will shine too bright and darkness will have no place to cover and it will not overtake the Light, My Light. For I have covered the earth with My glory.....And it will be in you, and all around you, and spilling over you....And MANY will flock to those that are not afraid to be My Light....!"

"What I AM doing, has not been seen by anyone of this world, for 'it's time' is now! My time is now....!"

"And that was when He stopped downloading this vision and word....!"

VERY NB!!! I sense an urgency to please share this word VERY urgently!! Via your pages, whatsapp, other children of Gods pages, please get it out there. I am actually shaking with a sense of urgency! Send also and especially to those you know are on their eay or at the "It's Time" prayer event! And tell people to please share! It's taken me 3 hours to receive this and to write it, and I knew I could not leave it till later. So I know I must send it right now!!

Thank you so much!

(Angie Van Greuning - 22/4/ 2017)

Testimonies Afr

Lees hoe mooi het 1 vrou wat gister daar was,dit beskryf:

"Ons was gister by die its time event. die mense kom soos miertjies aangestap. Suid-Afrika is desperaat. Ons sit van 7uur af in die louwarm son. Ver van die verhoog, ons is bang die mense trap ons dood! Dis baie mense. Daar heers n gemoedelike atmosfeer. Mense braai, groet vriendelik. Laat aan die kerk basaar op Niekerkshoop toe ons kinders was. Ek soek bekendes, sien niemand! Ek wonder tog in my hart wat gaan die event anders maak. Gaan iets regtig verander? Voor my sit n tannie en oom. Hulle lyk baie oud. Oom Angus vra ons moet kniel. n Miljoen mense kniel. n Miljoen mense kniel!!!!!! Die tannie kniel bewerig, die oom vat haar hand. Hy snik soos hy huil. Die tannie het kanker, hy kan nie sonder haar lewe nie se hy. My hart val voor my op die grond. Almal wat sukkel met angs en wat vrees het, moet opstaan. Mense skiet soos paddastoele op. Ons bid vir n manifestasie van die Heilige Gees. n Wind kom op, elke keer as ons bid en dwarrel- dwarrel om ons. Die atmosfeer is gelaai met liefde en hoop. Jy kan God tasbaar voel en beleef. Daar word sonde aangespreek. Eks bewus van my eie sonde.Diep intens bewus van my hart wat soms wegdryf na Tarsis. Ons word gevra om vyf minute hardop te bid. Dis stil. Weer kom die uitnodiging. Mense kan nie meer bid nie...Oom Angus raas met ons. Ons probeer weer.Vyf minute voel lank. Ek huil sonder trane. My siel huil. Mense raak nou ernstig met God. Toe ons klaar is, sukkel ons ure om uit te ry. Ek wonder steeds oor als. Vanoggend staan ek op. Ek kan jou een ding se, iets in my het verander. Ek kyk anders na die tuin buite, die hoenderhaan wat kraai, die hen wat met haar kuikens verby die agterdeur loop...l na plaasmoorde en geweld. Daar is hoop en n diepe dankbaarheid in my hart. Was God gister daar? Ongetwyfeld! Het iets verander? Verseker! Is daar hoop? Nie net hoop nie, maar n verwagting. God gaan Suid- Afrika verander. Ek weet, want gister het ek die soom van sy kleed aangeraak. Ek wil weer huil. Ek is stom. Dankie Here."

Ek is so oorlopens toe vol, aangeraak en geinspireer saam met meer as 'n miljoen ander Suid Afrikaners van alle rasse en kleur.

Soos n stortreën wat ons geestelike dorre land nat maak is die rippelende effek van verlede Saterdag se gebeure besig om ons land aan te raak en te beinvloed.

Ek het n lied opgeneem wat oom Angus se gebed van Saterdag verwoord en wat 'n oproep is dat Jesus in ons land sal regeer...

Ek wil graag as teken van my oorweldigende geloof in dit wat by Its time gebeur het hierdie gebed en lied saai vir almal wat dit kan hoor....

Stuur dit...copy dit...gee dit gratis vir wie jy dink dit nodig het...jy het my toestemming.

Kom ons bid vurig vir transformasie en herlewing in ons land!

Willie Joubert.

My ervaring van gister se It's Time byeenkoms is byna onbeskryflik GROOT! Dit is moeilik om te verwoord en my verstand is nog besig om alles te prosesseer. Ek is SO dankbaar dat ek en Johan deel hiervan kon wees! Ons het Vrydagmiddag afgery Bloem toe en ons tentjie opgeslaan tussen duisende ander tente. Ons het geborrel met afwagting van wat gaan kom en die teenwoordigheid van God se Gees was oral tasbaar. (Soos met die Israeliete in die woestyn) Gisteroggend toe die son opkom het die shofars begin blaas. Ons was 08:00 al voor een van die skerms en het gekyk hoe die mense in hul duisende instroom uit verskillende rigtings, ordelik. Ek het opgestap tot by die verhoog en oral was glimlaggende en laggende gesigte. Die gedagte het by my opgekom dat DIT is hoe dit gaan voel wanneer Yeshua oor die aarde gaan heers, ALMAL saam in HOOP, VREUGDE, VREDE en LIEFDE!! 'n Twaaljarige seun het geopen met die blaas van 'n shofar en oral om ons het die mense met shofars ge-eggo. Daar is reeds baie geskryf oor wat verder gebeur het, maar vir my persoonlik, was die MAGTIGSTE oomblik toe ons ALMAL, oud en jonk, op ons knieë gestaan het, hande links en regs saamgevat het en belydenis voor God gedoen het en vir Suid-Afrika GEBID het. Meer as 'n miljoen mense op hul knieë, hoofde gebuig en ons BID SAAM! My trane het gedrip op die grond voor my. My hart het EEN geklop met die mense om my en ek GLO God se hart het oopgegaan vir ons. Daar IS vir ons 'n toekoms in hierdie pragtige land! Vandag is my oë dik gehuil van gister se trane, maar my hart sing heel dag al 'Our God is an AWESOME God, He REIGNS from heaven above, With WISDOM, POWER, and LOVE, Our God is an AWESOME God!! Ek bid saam met Paulus uit Efesiërs 3:16-21 vir ons almal: Ek bid dat Hy deur sy Gees uit die rykdom van sy heerlikheid aan julle die KRAG sal gee om innerlik STERK te word, dat Christus deur die GELOOF in julle harte sal woon en dat julle in die LIEFDE gewortel en gegrondves sal wees. Mag julle in staat wees om saam met al die gelowiges te begryp hoe wyd en ver en hoog en diep die liefde van Christus strek. Mag julle sy liefde ken, liefde wat ons verstand te bowe gaan, en mag julle heeltemal VERVUL word met die VOLHEID van God. Aan Hom wat deur sy krag wat in ons werk, MAGTIG is om oneindig MEER te doen as wat ons bid of dink, aan HOM kom die eer toe, in die kerk, deur ons verbondenheid met Christus Jesus, deur al die geslagte heen tot in ALLE ewigheid. AMEN!!! ❤ Wanda, Radio Kansel


Die grootste geveg.

Ek het in Angola deelgeneem aan 'n paar groot gevegte. Dit het begin op 9 Nov 87 met ops Moduler teen die 16 de Fapla brigade. Ek was ook deel van ops Hooper, Displace en Excite.

In die kontakte het ek 5 Russiese tenks uitgeskiet, ons tenk het 'n landmyn getrap, ons is deur 'n Mig vegvliegtuig gebom en ons eie magte het ons met 'n ratel 90 raakgeskiet.

Ek vermoed ek is een van die dienspligtiges wat in die meeste konfensionele kontakte in Angola was.

Hiermee wil ek nie spog nie, want die feit dat ek leef is net die Here se genade.

Gister was ek egter in die grootste geveg van my lewe. Die geveg tussen goed en kwaad in Suid-Afrika.

My pad het die eerste keer met oom Angus sn gekruis in +-1990. Hy het sy baniere in Harrismith kom opsit. Ek het gewonder wie is die mal ou, en my nuuskierigheid het die oorhand gekry.

Die eerste aand was die stadsaal net 'n kwart vol. Die praise en worship groep het gespeel en oom Angus het gepreek asof daar 'n skare is. Ek het nie die een miljoen mense gesien wat hulle toe al gesien het nie. Dit was die begin van hulle voorbereiding vir It's Time.

Die volgende aand was die saal halfpad vol. Steeds met dieselfde geesdrif. Die laaste twee aande was die stadsaal vol. Ek het beleef hoe God deur gebed 'n kind se gehoor genees het.

In 2008 woon ek my eerste Mighty Men by. Dieselfde mal ou huur die wereld se grootste tent wat 30 000 mense kan huisves. Ek het nie een keer die voorreg gehad om onder die tent te sit nie want 60 000 manne het gekom om hul hande na bo te rig. Ek beleef ook hoe die mal ou 'n maaltyd vir hierdie groep voorsit.

Daarna woon ek nog twee byeenkomste op Shalom by. Die omvang is ongelooflik. Dit is geloof in aksie. Daar word duisende rande spandeer met die hoop dat die manne gaan opdaag, en dan kom hulle en dit is die bewys van dit wat ons nie kan sien nie.

Toe oom Angus praat van 'n miljoen mense, het ek regtig gedink nou is hy heeltemal van lotjie getik. Dink hy regtig dat een miljoen mense van hierdie weerbarstige volk hulle gaan verwerdig om al die pad Bloemfontein toe te ry om te gaan bid?

Eers is dit Tobie Jooste wat die arrogante oom takel. Dan is dit Jan Venter in die Volksblad wat mense waarsku dat dit hulle 10 ure gaan neem om die terrein te bereik. Sy woorde van "dit is nie moontlik nie" is bewys van sy geloof. Die teoloog Christiena Landman probeer ook haar bes Vrydagoggend om mense te waarsku teen die onteologiese byeenkoms.

Dit lyk asof ek self die geleentheid gaan misloop, maar my getroue neef Willem Naude ry 'n wye draai om my te kom oplaai.

Ons is amper teleurgesteld dat ons nie in 'n tou moes wag om te parkeer nie. Jan Venter, dis jammer jy kon dit nie beleef nie. Die voorbereiding is ongelooflik.

Toe ek die area en die skaal van die voorbereide sitplek sien, dink ek, oom Angus, nou het jy jou hand oorspeel. Drie ure voor die afskop gaan klim ek die koppie agter die verhoog. Die gees van positiewe verwagting is tasbaar.

Daar is reeds meer mense as die laaste Mighty Men maar nog ver van 'n miljoen. Nou kan ek sien dat die agterste grootskerms 1.4 km van die verhoog is. Ek verstaan nou hoekom die klank langer as 3 sekondes neem om by die agterste klankstasies uit te kom.

Ek merk drie helikopters op wat onverpoos heen en weer vlieg. Onder ons sing 'n kleurlingvrou, getooi in 'n helder oranje hoed en t-hemp, uitbundig soos 'n kind sonder pretensie hoe lief sy die Here het. Sing jy sonder tande dink ek by myself, die Here smile vandag vir jou vreugde. Ek wens ek kon soos sy wees.

Negentig minute voor die tyd gaan klim ek weer die koppie. Dit is 'n ander prentjie. Die skare het verdubbel en daar stroom mense soos rye miere nog steeds in. Op die koppie hoor ek 'n jong seun roep na sy pa. Daar is trane in sy oe. Ek moedig hom aan om na die tent agter die verhoog te gaan, hulle sal hom roep op die klanksisteem.

Hy laat my sonder twyfel verstaan dat sy pa op die koppie is en dat hy hom sal kom soek. Ek wens ek het soos hy die sekerheid gehad dat my Vader op die koppie saam met my is en dat Hy my soek.

Die begin van die byeenkoms word uitgestel met 'n uur om almal wat nog in aantog is die kans te gee om die terrein te bereik. Die praise en worship span begin om ons in aanbidding te lei. Ek dink nie die jong man het al voor een tiende van die skare sy kitaar geslaan nie.

Die orkes begin met Halleluja en die jong man moet sing. Hy skud sy kop en huil hartverskeurend. Die vrou op die keybord probeer hom uithelp maar dit is nie haar lied nie. Later kry die jong man die eerste Halelluja gesing en dis 'n nuwe Halelluja.

Voordat oom Angus kom preek is dit eers Shalom se praise en worship span se beurt om die aanbidding te lei. Dit vat my terug na Harrismith se stadsaal in 1990. Dit was 27 jaar gelede.

Dit moet die beloning wees vir hul getrouheid. Die feit dat hulle daardie Maandagaand voor 'n kwart vol stadsaal gespeel en gepreek het asof daar meer as 'n miljoen is.

Oom Angus kom op die verhoog met sy hoed op. Volgens baie sy grootste sonde; hoe durf hy. Sy kerk het egter nie 'n dak nie en die son is warm. Dit is 'n indrukwekkende cowboy- hoed, maar wat meer indrukwekkend was, is toe hy dit afhaal en op sy kniee gaan toe sy vriend vir hom bid.

Sy boodskap is eenvoudig soos altyd. Die verandering moet by jouself plaasvind. Wat 'n belewenis om hand aan hand op jou kniee te gaan saam met meer as 'n miljoen mense.

Van tyd tot tyd bulder sy stem AMEN. Dan beweeg sy amen met tydvertragings van klankstelsel tot klankstelsel. Die mense se amen weerklink met tussenposes soos 'n golf deur die see van mense.

Die hele dag het ons getuienisse gehoor van hoe die onmoontlike deur God moontlik gemaak is. Oom Angus self is so nederig en gee alle eer aan God.

Dan gee hy elkeen die kans om self hardop met God te praat. Daar was 'n ligte wind wat gewaai het. Oom Angus getuig van hoe die wind in Israel amper die verhoog omgewaai het met God se teenwoordigheid.

Dan vra hy of ons ook die wind kan voel toeneem. Ons sit ver agter by stasie 9 en die wind is nie voelbaar sterker nie. Twyfel sak in my gemoed. En dan los iemand 'n ballon halfpad tussen ons en die verhoog. Die ballon skiet met 'n groot sprong die hemelruim in en ek merk die vlae wat styf staan in die wind terwyl net 'n briesie by ons waai. Dan hoor jy die wind vir 'n tydperk blaas op oom Angus se mikrofoon.

Oomblikke later stap ons na ons voertuie. Ek merk op hoe die stof tussen die mense hang. Dan besef ek dat die wind van 'n oomblik gelede wel die Wind van verandering is. Ek gooi 'n skietgebed op, mag die Wind van verandering by my begin.

Ek is SO OORSTELP! SO baie mense! Almal is So rustig en niemand stamp - of praat hard met die mense om hom nie! Geen bakleiery oor plek- mense stap vir kilometers om hul plekkie te kry vir stoel op slaan en sit! Maak niw saak HOE VÊR vd verhoog af nie! Ons almal bid saam- HOU HANDE EN KNIEL IN DIE STOF VOOR ONS GOD EN BID! Ek Kannie ophou huil nie! Ek wonder hoe dit vir HOM lyk om al SY kinders so te sien van daar BO AF! Here vergewe ons Al ons sondes Asb! En genees ons land! Ons bid nie TEEN Enige Persoon of OF instansie nie! Net dat ONS SELF Sal reg kom- praat-handel- ons medemens sal liefhê- vergewe- meer bid-EN PERSOONLIKE TYD SAL MAAK VIR GOD EN SY WÒORD! Ek staan op toe daar gevra word vir die wat aan depressie-angs of vrees ly- saam met BAIE ander- Vir myself-En staan in vir my hele familie- Here Verlos ons van Die bose!!! Die trane kannie gestop word nie...SOVEEL MENSE DAAR met Groot verwagting op Genesings van SIEKTES EN Wêreldse Begeertes EN Verslawings! Die Heilige Gees Bevestig Homself in ń Paar Skielike koel Warrelwinde wat ons heerlik koel laat voel in die Warm son- laat glimlag- En dan hardop lag wanneer allerhande blink papiere, selfs Balonne HOOG bokant ons die lug in vlieg en rondomtalie!! Oom Angus Lag-ons lag! Hy sê die Helige gees manifesteer Homself altyd so in die Natuur! Dit is als klein Wonderwerkies! Maar So SAL dit Al hoe meer word! Ons het nog vsn GEEN ongelukke op die paaie gehoor nie! Ek het me EIE Persoonlike Wonderwerkies daar ervaar! Dan praat ons nie eers van die GROOTHEID VAN DIE ORGANISASIE - WERK - DONASIES-EN SAAMSTAAN van VELE MENSE EN BENODIGDHEDE wat GEOFFER EN VERNIET GEDOEN EN GEGEE IS- om DIE BYEENKOMS Ń WERKLIKHEID TE MAAK in ń KORTE 6 WEKE- waar ANDER TIEN MAAL kleiner - ten MINSTE AGTIEN MAANDE NEEM OM GEREĔL te word! So ons KAN NIE SÊ DAAR WAS GEEN GROOT WONDERWERKE NIE! AS JUL Almal maar die meer as ń MILJOEN mense, duisende voertuie, selfs helikopters Kon BELEEF -

Testimonies Eng

From Mark & Angie Arbuthnot: Got home at 12.40!

Feel refreshed. So nice to wake up in your own bed.

Just thinking about his talk. It all started by singing the national anthem. Emotional stuff!! (And it didn't get louder when the Afrikaans piece was sung!!) Not political, about Jesus.

Kept repeating "can a nation be born in a moment?" Isaiah 66:8 We replied with one voice Yes!! Go back and tell the people of SA..... Read Mat 26 where Jesus in Gethsemane and goes to pray. Jesus prayed more than anyone on this earth. Says we must pray more. Go back to your churches and tell them this. Watch our tongues... live by faith not sight. Of course 2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will forgive their sin and will heal their land"....

We had an alter call.....we all held hands, all one million of us and asked Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour and to forgive our sins.

Then we had 5 min personal confession time.

Then he made us repeat after him confessions for our nation. The murder, rape, lies, stealing etc. to forgive us for having gods that we prayed to and not God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe. The One and Only.

At this point the wind started to blow, particularly in the front. It then turned into a whirlwind and swept up a few balloons into a spiral above the stage. A faint mist in a tower form began to form above the stage. Angus was praising God, very excited! The Holy Spirit was manifested powerfully.

Then he made people stand up for healing. Infertility. Unemployment.

  1. Cancer
  2. Anxiety and stress, H blood pressure.
  3. Insomnia.
  4. Racialism
  5. and more.

And every time, we all said with one accord "Amen!"

(The field was 1,4 km long so sound had a delay of 3,5 sec. so when he asked the quest, Can a nation be born in a day.... the answer rolled down the field. Goose bump stuff!)

Then he prayed for our nation. Prayed for a Godly Govt. Leaders.... that Parliament would open with a reading in scripture every morning. (Musi of DA was there and other dignitaries).

  1. He prayed for a stop to racial hatred.
  2. He spoke to fathers and families.
  3. He prayed for women and children.
  4. He spoke about our responsibility as citizens of the Kingdom of God. To watch what we said. Our tongues brought down the work of God because we put our trust in man and circumstances. (We lived by sight and not by faith...)

(People had come from all over SA, some had ridden bicycles from Cape Town, others 450 Kms on a horse. And still more had come from overseas. UK, USA and Brazil ..... they didn't want to miss being part of a miracle this size.

After saying a healing prayer over many ills that we had, caused by our unbelief, we sang the "anthem song" by Bethel music "I'm not a slave to fear....I'm a child of God...."

The whole meeting was very emotional. At one point, Angus brought onto the stage a young boy of 10, who blew the shofar!.... the sound that Joshua used for warfare..... spiritual warfare. I wept!!

It's hard to imagine one million ( or more ) people in one place, peaceful and united in their vision for SA.... but 22 April saw a nation come together, under the banner of the Lord Jesus, in one accord, and sought His wisdom. If people weren't there in person they sought the Lord in their churches and homes. A nation really came together.

I believe the history of this country has done a "u" turn. Jesus has heard our cry, as he did with the Israelites in Egypt, and come to our aid.

He has done it.

It is finished!!

Let's worship Him in grateful thanks for what He has done in the heavenlies and what we will see come to fruition in the future of our beloved South Africa.